Ancient Gourmet

Tandoor Oven

Our ancient style ovens combine radiant heating, convection heating and smoking to deliver unmatched succulence, flavour and aroma. Entertain your family and friends like never before! Artisan Tandoor ovens are 100% organic and natural.

No Limitations

Conjure a feast!

Enjoy the unique cooking experience of the Tandoor. Entertain your guests with a feast fit for Ghengis Khan! Seafood, Poultry, Lamb, Pork, Beef, Pizza... anything goes! And don't forget the delicious Naan and flatbread!

Four models

Suit all needs

Our range includes the Nomad, Hunter, Ataman and Aladdin. From space-saving and portable to the sublimely majestic that provide a luxurious addition to any courtyard or backyard.


By craftsmen

Sublimely hand-made by Artisans to illuminate your dinner parties, entertain your guests and deliver an aromatic and mouthwatering sensual dining experience. Take your guests back to the Middle Ages with our Tandoors!

Age-old lineage

5000 years of use

The cooking method of choice for empires across Asia Minor, Middle East and Asia. Known to be Ghenghis Khan’s preferred cooking method for feeding his Mongol horde.

Artisan Tandoors

Experience culinary delights using an ancient method of gourmet cooking

Cooking with our Tandoors is simple, captivating and delicious

Forget about the tedious process of turning, flipping and pasting your meats! Simply load the Tandoor and enjoy the ensuing aromas that will delight your family and guests… then proceed to feast like the great Ghengis Khan!

The advantages

of the Tandoor

  • meat is cooked to succulence (soft, juicy and tasty!)
  • cooking time is significantly reduced
  • no need for constant monitoring 
  • possible to cook large range of dishes
  • less firewood/charcoal required due to maintaining heat/temp
  • the meat doesn’t burn
  • you can use raw hard wood, lump charcoal or briquette
  • you can use the tandoor as a ceramic smoker
  • cook large amounts of meat at one time
  • the flavour dispensed from ceramic walls increases with use
  • the tandoor is a prestigious and elegant addition to your home
  • environmentally friendly and completely natural/organic
  • easy and quick to keep clean

The disadvantages of standard BBQ

  • the meat is fried and not cooked to succulence (dry, uneven cooking)
  • BBQ are manufactured from a variety of processed materials
  • you can not cook in the rain and wind
  • BBQ are limited to what you can cook
  • BBQ require more charcoal/wood due to poor heat maintenance
  • portion quantities are severely limited
  • Tedious- meats have to be turned, flipped and brushed with marinade
  • Hassle and time consuming to clean properly
Aromatic. Succulent. Entertaining

Artisan Tandoors

Our handcrafted home Tandoor ovens deliver a unique culinary experience, rich in aroma and succulence. The perfect way to entertain your family and guests!

01. Select your fuel source

Wood or charcoal will work perfectly fine. Load the tandoor oven with a selected fuel source.

02. Ignite your fuel source

Ignite the fuel source within the tandoor oven. Remember to keep the lid and ash bunk open for optimal aeration and rapid ignition.

03. Place your food inside the Tandoor

After initial ignition, the inner walls of the Tandoor will turn black. You will know the tandoor oven has reached optimal temperature and is ready for cooking once the walls have become white.

04. Feast like the Sultan!

Periodically observe your food cooking within the tandoor oven- remember that because the Tandoor maintains heat, it cooks quickly!

A staple in their daily life...

Discover the cultures of the Tandoor

  • Armenia Armenia
    Tonir Թոնիր
  • Iraq Iraq
    Tanoor تنّور
  • Iran Iran
    tanūr تنور
  • India India
    Punjabi तन्दूर
  • Turkey Turkey
  • China China
  • Afghanistan Afghanistan
    Pashto تندور
  • Pakistan Pakistan
    Urdu: تندور‎
  • Georgia Georgia
  • Russia Russia
    Tandyr тандыр
  • Uzbekistan Uzbekistan
    Tandir тандыр
  • Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan
    Tandir Тандыр
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Traditional recipes from the silk road
made in the Artisan Tandoor oven!

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