Skewers and meat hooks for tandoors

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  • Tandoor Skewered Bowl

    Skewered Bowl

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    Easily combine skewered meats with vegetables during the tandoor cooking process. Vegetables cooked in the bowl beneath the skewered meats will be pasted with meat juices ...
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  • Tandoor Meat Hook

    Meat Hook

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    The meat hook is the perfect accessory for Lamb leg, Chicken, Duck, Turkey, ribs and any other large piece of meat.
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  • Tandoor Fish Grill

    Fish Grill

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    The perfect accessory for Tandoori fish! Simply season your fish, place inside the fish grill and hang inside your Artisan Tandoor.
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  • Skewers


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    Our forged steel skewers are the perfect implement for hanging your choice of food inside your Tandoor. They are designed to conduct heat from your Tandoor which will ...
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  • Double Skewer

    Double Skewer

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    The forged double skewer was designed for items that do not provide ample grip on regular skewers like chicken, seafood (shrimp etc) or certain vegetables. The double ...
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  • naan tools

    Naan tools

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    The Naan hook and scraper are used to retrieve naan being cooked directly on the inside wall of your tandoor. You get a set of two, one with a 90 degree hook and the other ...
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  • Meat hook (Single Prong)

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    Additional meat hooks for use in our Tandoor Nomad, Hunter, Ataman and Aladdin. Nomad meat hook:  6mm thick, 13cm length Hunter, Aladdin, Ataman meat hook: 6mm thick, 23cm ...
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