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Armenia (Hayastan) is an ancient country dating back to antiquity, approximately 1000-600 BC.  Armenia is geographically located in the South Caucasus region of Eurasia and is bordered by Turkey, Georgia, Iran and Azerbaijan.

In Armenia, the Tandoor is called Tonir and was originally designed by ancient Armenians to resemble and symbolize the sun deity of their Pagan culture at the time.

The Tonir in the ancient Armenian kingdom was a staple of every household and found commonly in the center of the house, acting as a form of heat delivery and Tandoor cooking method.

It is, therefore, no surprise that one of the most renown and popular Armenian culinary contributions Lavash is cooked inside the Tonir.

Armenian Kebab
Armenian Tonir cooking Khorovats.

Lavash is an Armenian flat bread that is made with flour, water and salt.

In 2014, the United Nations body UNESCO inscribed Lavash into their list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Other popular Armenian dishes cooked in the Tonir are Ghapama, Khorovats, Harissa (keshkeg), Gata and Khorvu.

Are you of Armenian descent and would like to experience the same authentic flavors as your country-men residing in Armenia?  Artisan Tandoors, are hand-made only 1000km away from the Armenian capital of Yerevan, using the same methods as they have been made tonir oven in Armenia for centuries!

If you are foreign to Armenia, the tonir oven will immerse you in the ancient and flavoursome Armenian cuisine.

Experience ancient cultures and cuisines in the comfort of your own home with Artisan Tandoors.

  • original tandoori

    Tandoor Hunter

    More info
    The Tandoor Hunter is our medium sized Tandoor, feeding 10 people with ease. Height 72cm, Belly Diameter 49cm, Mouth Diameter 24cm, Wall Thickness 5cm and weight 70kg. ...
    $950.00 Inc. GSTRead more
  • Tandoor Ataman

    Tandoor Ataman

    More info
    Our largest Tandoor oven, the Ataman (Cossack) has the capability to feed an army of hungry guests. Height 108cm, Mouth Diameter 32cm, Belly Diameter 61cm and weight 130kg. ...
    $1,375.00 Inc. GSTRead more
  • Tandoor Aladdin

    Tandoor Aladdin

    More info
    The Aladdin is a large majestically styled Arabian Tandoor oven feeding a group of 15 people. Height 87cm, Mouth Diameter 29cm, Belly Diameter 62cm and weight 103kg. ...
    $1,375.00 Inc. GSTRead more
  • naan tools

    Naan tools

    More info
    This custom made Naan hook and scraper are used to retrieve naan being cooked directly on the inside wall of your tandoor. You get a set of two, one with a 90 degree hook ...
    $75.00 Inc. GSTView Product
  • Skewers


    More info
    Our forged steel skewers are the perfect implement for hanging your choice of food inside your Tandoor. They are designed to conduct heat from your Tandoor which will ...
    $15.00 Inc. GSTView Product
  • Double Skewer

    Double Skewer

    More info
    The forged double skewer was designed for items that do not provide ample grip on regular skewers like chicken, seafood (shrimp etc) or certain vegetables. The double ...
    $15.00 Inc. GSTView Product
  • pizza stone

    Baking/pizza stone

    More info
    Medium: Tandoor Hunter, Ataman and Aladdin Large: Tandoor Ataman and Aladdin Medium Diameter: 21 cm Thickness: 2.5 cm Weight: 1.75 kg Large Diameter: 28 cm Thickness: 2.5 ...
    View Product
  • Meat hook (Double Prong)

    More info
    Double prong meat hooks (two hook) for use in our Hunter, Ataman and Aladdin. Hunter:  5mm thick, 24cm length Aladdin, Ataman: 5mm thick, 34cm length
    $19.00 Inc. GSTView Product
  • Meat hook (Single Prong)

    More info
    Additional meat hooks for use in our Tandoor Nomad, Hunter, Ataman and Aladdin. Nomad meat hook:  6mm thick, 13cm length Hunter, Aladdin, Ataman meat hook: 6mm thick, 23cm ...
    $19.00$23.00 Inc. GSTView Product
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