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Artisan Tandoors

Artisan tandoori ovens were created with the sole objective of introducing the Australian public to the wonderful flavor and aromatic delights of ceramic oven cooking.

Rather than source a Chinese mass-produced Egg style oven, we have produced the original tandoor, in the same manner as they have been crafted and used by the populations of Asia minor and across the ancient Silk Road.

The entire process of tandoori ovens manufacturing is handcrafted by skilled ceramists and blacksmiths using only natural materials local to the Caucasus Mountains in Eurasia.

The manufacturing process and ceramics used is what guarantees a completely unique flavor. There are no chemical coatings in our process, whatsoever.

Entertain your family and friends with an Artisan tandoori oven and create a completely unique and memorable experience that will last a lifetime!

Artisan Tandoor

History blitz of tandoors

  • lavash an Armenian flatbread cooked in the tandoor is recognized by the UNESCO (UN) as an intangible heritage.
  • the first historical recorded mention of the tandoor occurred in the Akkadian tale Epic of Gilgamesh in 2100 B.C.
  • archaeologists have found clay tandoor remains dating from 2600 B.C. – approximately the same time as the construction of the pyramids!
  • the tandoor is common to all households in the Punjab region of India and was introduced by Punjabis to rest of India after the 1947 partition.
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