Why the Artisan Tandoor method of cooking is unique

тандыр (Russian) – Թոնիր (Armenian) – ਤੰਦੂਰ (Punjabi) – تنور (Arabic/Persian)

The Tandoor oven has been trusted by empires, cultures and dynasties for over 5,000 years to provide sustenance to their civilians, armies and royalty with succulent and aromatic meat, seafood and flat breads.

Our Artisan Tandoor ovens are handcrafted by skilled ceramicists and blacksmiths in the Caucasus region of Eurasia, alongside the Caspian sea.

Featuring 5-6cm thick Chamotte Ceramic walls in our ovens which are uniquely formed from organic material sourced within the Caucasus mountain ranges, producing a finished ceramic with high density of heat resistant silica and alumina. The ovens are crafted and styled with ancient accents by our Ceramicists before being reinforced with wrought iron by our skilled Blacksmiths.

The mineral rich organic materials used to form the oven add depth to the richness of flavour in meats, seafood and bread cooked inside.

The flavour increases with every use of the Artisan Tandoor oven due to the Ceramic oven walls retaining the flavour and aroma of prior and subsequent foods cooked inside. Your taste buds will be jolted to a new dimension every time!

Artisan Tandoors: Unique 3 in 1 properties

1. Radiant heating

1. Radiant heating

The oven is fueled with wood or charcoal placed at the bottom which provides radiant heat throughout the cooking process.

2. Convection heating

The fuel source will heat the walls of the oven evenly up to the temperature of 1000°C.

Once the walls have heated, convection cooking process is now activated in the oven as the heat is evenly dispersed inside the oven.

3. Smoking

With the lid of the oven closed, the fire source will provide smoking effect in addition to radiant and convection heating. The intensity and duration of smoking can be completely controlled.

4. Cooking perfection!

Your meat or seafood will now be able to cook to succulent perfection! The fire source will provide constant radiant heat and smoking effect while the oven walls will provide evenly heat dispersion through convection cooking.

The 3 methods in unison provide a completely unique culinary experience unmatched by any other cooking method!

Our wood fired tandoor ovens combine three cooking techniques which are the peak culmination of modern culinary arts.

The unique combination of convection heating, radiant heating, and smoking produced in the Tandoor results in flavors superior to those of any other cooking method or apparatus.

In addition to the unique flavours and cooking ability, our Tandoors are truly elegant and will elevate your designated entertaining area- whether your patio, backyard or pergola to the next level!

Leave your family and guests in complete awe every time you entertain!

Rapid cooking times! 

Using an Artisan Tandoor oven, you can now cook your Sunday roast in 40 minutes rather than 3.5 hours in a standard gas or electric oven! With our ancient ovens, you’ll achieve superior flavours and unmatched succulence!

Lamb/Chicken Roast – 40 to 50 minutes
Fish and steak – 10 to 12 minutes
Meat or chicken kebabs – 12 to 15 minutes
Flatbreads – 3 to 5 minutes
Hard vegetables (Potatoes, Carrots, Pumpkin) – 8 to 10 minutes
Soft vegetables (Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Onions) – 3 to 5 minutes

No need to wait for low and slow! Keep your guests fed and entertained with the same depth of flavour..  and most importantly, without delay!

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