Kubali Palaw

Kabuli Palaw

  Kabuli Palaw is a pilaf made in Afghanistan and Uzbekistan that combines Rice, Raisins, Carrots and spiced Lamb. The rice is cooked beneath the L …

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Luleh Kebabs

Lule Kebabs

Lule Kebab is a traditional staple of Armenian cuisine and common in Persian cuisine (Kabab Koobideh). Lule Kebab combines 50/50 ratio of Beef and Lamb …

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Levantine Beef Short RIbs

Levantine Beef Short Ribs

The Levant is a historical region that encompasses modern day Armenia, Cyprus, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and Turkey. The …

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Uzbeki Naan Bread

Uzbeki Naan Bread (Lepyoshka)

Uzbeki style Nan bread which is also known as Lepyoshka, is popular throughout the Caucasus region (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, etc). Ingredients 3 Cups All …

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Tandoori Sajji

Tandoori Sajji

Sajji is a popular dish emanating from the Balochistan province of Pakistan. Sajji is often made with Chicken, Mutton and Lamb. Sajji is often served w …

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Smoky Southern Fried Chicken

Smoky Southern Chicken

Smoky Southern Style Fried Chicken made entirely in the Artisan Tandoor! East meets West for crisp, delicious and healthier fried Chicken with rich sm …

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Lahmajoun with egg

Lahmajoun, Ancient Pizza

Lahmajoun is a pizza style dish of the ancient silk road that fed hungry trading caravans, travellers, armies and civilisations of the era. Today, Lahm …

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Tandoor Brisket Cooked!

No Fuss Tandoori Brisket

Cooking Brisket in the Artisan Tandoor is easy! No fuss, no gauges or other instruments required. The thick Ceramic walls are perfect for heat retentio …

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Afghan Fateer Pyazi

Afghani Fateer Pyazi

Fateer Pyazi is an Afghan pastry that is typically eaten with Tea or as a side to a main dish. It is easily cooked on the walls of the Artisan Tandoor …

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Turkey in Tandoor

Caucasus style Turkey

Caucasus style marinated Turkey and rice cooked entirely over wood-fire in our medium sized Tandoor, the Hunter.  The Caucasus region constitutes Russ …

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