Cauldron Support

$37.00 Inc. GST

The Cauldron support converts our tandoors into the ultimate outdoor cooking oven, enabling you to cook your complete meal outdoors over wood-fire.

Disclaimer: If you are not an existing owner of Artisan Tandoor or purchasing an Artisan Tandoor, your order will be cancelled and refunded.


We all enjoy the aromas and tranquillity of wood-fired outdoor cooking and the Cauldron support truly converts our Tandoors into the complete outdoor oven.

You can place pots, pans, woks or any other suitable cooking instrument on the top.

The Cauldron support allows you to utilise the period that the Tandoor is heating up (burning wood) prior to placing your meats inside. For example, you can cook Stews, Biryanis, Paellas, Risottos, Pilafs/Plovs or whatever you desire – let your imagination run loose!

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