Fish Grill

$55.00 Inc. GST

The perfect accessory for Tandoori fish! Simply season your fish, place inside the fish grill and hang inside your Artisan Tandoor.

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Disclaimer: If you are not an existing owner of Artisan Tandoor or purchasing an Artisan Tandoor, your order will be cancelled and refunded.


Our fish grill is designed for ease of use in your Artisan Tandoor. The process is no different to using our standard skewers.

Simply season or marinade your fish and place inside the grill and it will hang inside the tandoor from the skewer mechanism.

Fits: Crete, Aladdin, Ataman, Samarkand and Hattusa

Width – 15 cm
Usable length – 36 cm
Thickness – 3 cm

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