Handcrafted authentic ancient styled gourmet Tandoor oven!
(Tonir Թոնիր, Tannur تنّور, Tandyr тандыр, Tandoor तन्दूर and تندور‎ )

Artisan Tandoor oven unique cooking properties!
3 cooking methods combine to create the ultimate tasting and succulent meat and seafood!

1. Radiant heating

1. Radiant heating
Wood or charcoal provides radiant heating throughout the cooking process

2. Convection heating
The Tandoor walls are 5-6cm thick and will retain heat and provide even heat distribution throughout the cooking process

3. Smoking
The fuel source will provide smoking effect during the cooking process. The amount of smoke generated can easily be controlled.

4. Perfect cooking environment
Radiant and uniform convection heating in addition to smoking effect provide a succulent and flavour rich outcome that is unmatched!

  • Rapid cooking times are another great feature of our Tandoors, cook an entire Lamb roast in 40 minutes instead of 2.5-3.5 hours using a gas or electric oven!
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We deliver our Tandoors Australia-wide!

Hunter – $950 (Inc GST)
Dimensions: Height 76cm, Belly Diameter 49cm, Neck Diameter 25cm, Wall Thickness 5cm – Weight 70kg

  • Our premier medium sized oven
  • Can be transported with you on trips (weighing 70kg)
  • Perfect for large families and gatherings (10 people)
  • Includes all accessories!

Aladdin – $1375 (Inc GST)
Dimensions: Height 91cm, Belly Diameter 62cm, Neck Diameter 31cm, Wall Thickness 5-6cm – Weight 100kg

  • Ancient Arabian styled Tandoor
  • Atmospheric and rich in ambiance, elevates your entertaining area to the next level (feeds 15 people)
  • Includes stylish wrought-iron lid stand
  • Includes all accessories!

Ataman – $1375 (Inc GST)
Dimensions: Height 107cm, Belly Diameter 61cm, Neck Diameter 34cm, Wall Thickness 5-6cm – Weight 130kg

  • Tandoor Ataman is our largest Tandoor at 1.07m tall and 130kg in weight
  • Aptly named ‘Ataman’ after legendary Cossack commanders
  • Literally feeds an army! (25 people with ease)
  • Includes all accessories!

Samarkand – $1675 (Inc GST)
Dimensions:  Height 113cm, Belly Diameter 68cm, Neck Diameter 31cm, Wall Thickness 7cm – Weight 187kg

  • Our largest and most regal Tandoor, weighing 187kg!
  • Perfect for feeding large group of people (30 people)
  • Exquisite attention to detail, design reminiscent of ancient city of Samarkand
  • Includes all accessories!
Tandoors are easy to use and a great way to entertain guests!

01. Select your fuel source

Wood or charcoal will work perfectly fine. Load the tandoor oven with a selected fuel source.

02. Ignite your fuel source

Ignite the fuel source within the tandoor oven. Remember to keep the lid and ash bunk open for optimal aeration and rapid ignition.

03. Place your food inside the Tandoor

After initial ignition, the inner walls of the Tandoor will turn black. You will know the tandoor oven has reached optimal temperature and is ready for cooking once the walls have become white.

04. Feast like the Sultan!

Periodically observe your food cooking within the tandoor oven- remember that because the Tandoor maintains heat, it cooks quickly!

Tandoor Hunter in action!

Samosa & Samsa 

Burramundi & Saffron Rice

Palestinian Musakhan Chicken

Tandoori Chicken & Naan Bread



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