Tandoor Brisket Cooked!
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Cooking Brisket in the Artisan Tandoor is easy! No fuss, no gauges or other instruments required.

The thick Ceramic walls are perfect for heat retention and smoke saturation, ensuring rich-flavoured and succulent Brisket.


Briskets in Multi-tiered Tandoor Rack
Briskets in Multi-tiered Tandoor Rack

– Brisket portions
– Salt
– Black Pepper
– Apple Cider Vinegar
– Apple juice
– Paprika
– Vegetable oil

Cooking process

1.  Place Brisket in mixing bowl.

2.  Add Salt, Black Pepper, Paprika,

Brisket in Artisan Tandoor
Brisket in Artisan Tandoor

Vegetable Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar to mixing bowl with Brisket and mix well.

3.  Cover the mixing bowl and glad wrap and place in fridge to marinade overnight.

4. Soak wood chips of your chosing (Hickory, Mesquite, Cherry, Apple, Maple, Pear etc) for minimum of 30 minutes. Using wood chips is not a strict requirement, as the Tandoor will maximise smoking effect from Lump charcoal.

5.  Add Lump charcoal to your Artisan Tandoor and ignite.

Tandoor Brisket Cooked!
Tandoor Brisket Cooked!

6.  Once Lump charcoal is ignited, add the Brisket portions to the tiered rack of your Artisan Tandoor.

7.  Cook the Brisket for 3 hours, ensure to check during the condition of your Lump charcoal (add more if necessary, lasting time of Lump charcoal differs) and switch the Brisket portions between racks.

8.  After cooking for 3 hours, remove the Brisket portions and place on multiple layers of aluminium foil.

9.  Mix 50% Apple Juice and 50% water to make one cup.

10.  Add the mixed Cup to the Brisket portions and cover thoroughly with aluminium foil (to ensure that it will not leak into the Tandoor, both Briskets can be wrapped together).

Tandoor Brisket Served!
Tandoor Brisket Served!

11.  Cook for another 3 hours in the Artisan Tandoor.

12.  Remove the Brisket portions from Tandoor and allow to rest at room temperature for one hour. Do not remove foil wrapping.

Total time:

3 hours (without foil and liquid)
3 hours (with foil and added liquid)
1 hour (resting time)

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